NeuroTrac Rehab

neurotrac-rehabSoothing rehabilitation for tired and tense muscles with the NeuroTrac Rehab

The NeuroTrac Rehab is highly recommended by doctors and it’s widely help speed your recovery after a stroke or major operation. The Rehab offers a background level of pain relief to which other pain relief methods can be added. It is ideal for rehabilitation because it can either stimulate your body to release endorphins (which act as a natural pain killer), or it can block pain signals from reaching the brain.

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NeuroTrac Rehab

The NeuroTrac Rehab is a modern digital pain relief unit that utilises the effective TENS (transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation) technology. NeuroTrac Rehab is a TENS machine specifically designed to be simple to use.
You start the movement, press the remote switch and the stimulator finishes it off – see your arm or leg moving whilst your muscles relax, decreasing muscle pain and stiffness. combat pain during childbirth, and features three different treatment modes to provide maximum flexibility for pain relief.

Give yourself physiotherapy in the comfort of your own home, gaining hours of pain relief after just a 30 minute treatment session; and the 2 separate channels allow you to stimulate 2 muscles at once!